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Large Paintball Party (20+ players)

Large parties get the best of both worlds, all the discounts as well as all the extras.  When your reserve for 25 or more players,  this package gives you 500 paintballs per player, a private referee and access to private fields for ALL DAY without the worry of playing with other experienced guests.   All required paintball equipment is included with the exception of additional paintballs.  Additional paintballs are available for purchase, visit General Admission pricing for more info.

Each Player will receive:     

  • All Day Park Admission with Private Referee and Private Field for Private Play                        
  • 500 paintballs per player
  • All Day Compressed Air Fills  
  • Semi Auto Paintball Marker
  • Full Face Safety Goggle
  • Compressed Air Tank
  • 200 round loader and Barrel Sleeve
  • Perks:  Discounted price from $49.95 to $39.95 per person, private ref and private play for all day

A $15 deposit per player, minimum of 20 players ($300), is required to confirm reservation, this package is not available on day of play.  Additional players may be added on day of play at discounted price, subject to equipment availability on day of play.  This package is available for weekday play.


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Popular Add-Ons and Upgrades





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