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Mercenary Rental Package

Mercenary Paintball Rental Package Reservation button Is the Mercenary Paintball Rental Package too much for you?

Designed for the serious player, The Mercenary Paintball Rental Equipment Package offers the best equipment upgrades and includes enough paintballs to insure that you never run out.  You will be upgraded to an Electronic Marker that will triple your rate of fire.  You will receive 2000 paintballs to make sure you have enough ammo to drop the hammer on your competition.  We even give you an assualt vest to help carry that extra ammo so you never run out on the field.  By the way, did I forget to say how "Intimidating" the Mercenary Paintball Rental Package will make you look.  

The Mercenary Package Includes:

  • All Day Park Admission      9995
  • All Day Compressed Air fills
  • Upgraded Sniper Rental Marker  
  • Full Face Safety Goggles
  • Compressed Air Tank 
  • 2000 Paintballs  Mercenary Paintball Rental Equipment Package
  • Assault Vest with Pods to carry all those  paintballs



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Popular Add-Ons and Upgrades





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