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Splatbrothers Spools

Our Spools field is the usually the first field all of our players see.  This field is designed to keep the games quick and easy.  With starting stations desinged so that you can see the other team when your start, the spools allow for you to get a good feel of how the rental equipment works in reguards to how accurate and fast your marker can actually shoot.  The spools field is a good way to get your feet wet before we attempt to tame the woods fields that make Splatbrothers Paintball Park so great.

  • This field combines a variety of woodsball, hyperball and speedball all into one playing field.
  • Very open field allows for a much more open line of sight.
  • Over 40 bunkers on this field provides for plenty of cover
  • The center of the field, also known as the Slater Pit, is usually the center of the main objecdtive no matter what type of game that is being played.  Master the Pit and master the game.
  • The Spools field is fast, fun and will get you into the nature of the game.





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