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The Village

The Village at Splatbrothers offers a different experience every time you play.

Not too many people know, but Splatbrothers Paintball Park used to be a working farm during the Civil War.  Slave quarters, chicken coops and various workshops were all once part of living culture before the word paintball was even pronounced.   Make sure you play this field and see if you can master the post zombie apocalypse that we call The Village.


  • The two story barn allows for play inside and out of the structure
  • The chicken coop, although in disrepair, is an important control point of winning on this field
  • Three Guard Towers add a little extra in allowing for extra protection
  • Many players enjoy playing in the many bunkers and the popular reins of the workshop
  • Nowhere is truely safe in The Village, especially when we play Crazy Zombie Attack.






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