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Towers of Power

Towers of Power Paintball Field is one of our most popular playing fields.

There is something about looking down from a three story tower as your opponets are scrambling for their survival underneath you.  The Towers of Power is probably the most popular field at Splatbrothers Paintball Park and rightfully so.  Check out what makes this field so popular and be sure to make this field priority number one on your next visit.

  • Equivalent to the same size as two football fields
  • The center tower is only accessable from the trenches that feed from either starting station.  You must enter from a trap door that is below ground level.  Enter the trenches from your starting station and enter the center tower without even being seen from the other team.
  • Each tower on the left and the right is accessible from the ground level
  • The field itself it ever changing with various bunkers that are made for mobility and designed to bring a new look and different game of attack every time it changes.
  • Although the playing field is very large, once you control the tower,  you have a 360 field of view that will allow you to ultimately control the game.
  • Control the Towers of Power and win the game






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