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Splatbrothers History

The Splatbrothers Paintball Park is located south of the city of Richmond, in Prince George County, Virginia. Our park has a huge fleet of rental paintball equipment, including all the equipment needed to have a great day of safe paintball. Our staging area features covered pavilions, cooling fans, and is full lighted for palyers’ convenience. 

Over the past 17 years, Splatbrothers has done more than just introduce paintball to the local community.  We have seen nationwide notariety threw various channels:ABC Television @ Splatbrothers Paintball Park

ABC Television              

SplatBrothers® PaintBall Park is chosen by the ABC Television show, WIFESWAP, for filming of the November 7th, 2005 episode!


NASCAR & Kasey Kahne

SplatBrothers® PaintBall Park teams-up with NASCAR™, RIR Raceway, and Driver Kasey Kahne in "RACING BATTLE" a charitable paintball games with portions of the proceeds to benefit The Kasey Kahne Foundation™ and RIR Cares™.

Paintball Art in conjunction with A-Team

SplatBrothers® PaintBall Park is featured as the backdrop for this video showcasing the world famous Towers of Power and some of our sponsored players, as they create paintball artwork with their paintball guns. While this video was commissioned for the promotion of the 2010 A-Team™ feature film debut, the piece was not used.

New York Times Newspaper

SplatBrothers® PaintBall Park is featured in the June 22, 2007 New York Times editorial "Splat! One Less Mutant to Deal With" in an article covering the DARK ANGEL 26 Hour Scenario Game held at SplatBrothers® PaintBall Park.

Historic Paintball Moment in PB2X

SplatBrothers® PaintBall Park is included as the original park for the founding of the world famous Splatbrothers® Paintball Camps; listed in the PB2X hisotry issue as One of the 81 Moments That Changed Paintball.

The SplatBrothers® PaintBall Park has been featured dozens of times in industry magazines and websites, as well as local news appearances in television and in print.







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